Sidmouth Folk Festival, Sidmouth, Devon

Sidmouth Folk Festival comes to this Devon coastal town in the first week of August every year, providing there’s not a pandemic to put a halt to proceedings. Visitors come from near and far to enjoy the live music, events and the general upbeat ambience; it’s enormous and happy with workshops, folk dancing, ceilidhs and story telling all over town. Walk into a pub or café and it’s highly likely that there will be some impromptu music session going on, people just picking up their fiddles and accordions and striking a tune.

Sidmouth Folk Festival is supported by local businesses who set up stall to sell food, drink and crafts in the Craft Village. You can either turn up and see what’s going on that takes your fancy or you can be organised and check the website and buy tickets for specific events. Either way, expect a lot of fun with plenty of colourful garb, flowing robes, a few dreadlocks and a lot of pink hair.

All information correct at the time of writing

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