A La Ronde, Exmouth, Devon

Another National Trust property and one that’s well worth a visit because its quirkiness is an absolute delight. A La Ronde at Exmouth is very unique to say the least, designed in the 18th century by two eccentric sisters following a tour of Europe, and oh, it’s magical! For a start, it’s 16 sided, which is certainly something you don’t see very often – a 16 sided house! There is so much to wonder at, from the little diamond shaped leaded windows and the walls decorated with feathers to the pictures crafted from sand, seaweed and card and the astonishing Shell Gallery. The Octagon Room has a dream like quality with eight doors leading off – you can't help wondering where each one will take you or if one might lead to you tumbling down a rabbit hole! It’s all utterly fascinating – the Induit models and the emu egg in the Music Room, and all the delights in the curiosity cabinet – it’s a feast for the eyes.

The gardens have spectacular views across the Exe estuary and in the warmer months it’s a joy to idle the hours away playing games or with a picnic in the orchard; have a wander through the meadow, go and see the water tower and the laundry rooms, linger over tea and cake in the tea shop. Something else you should see when you’re visiting is the independent chapel next to A La Ronde which once served as a girls’ school and is where the lades who built and lived in A La Ronde were laid to rest.

Opening times very throughout the year so best to check the website before you set out.
T: 01395 265514      All information correct at the time of writing

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