Covid Safe Holiday Cottages

UPDATED 19th July 2021

From 19th July all Covid restrictions are lifted and we will be operating as normal.  

We would like to reassure you that the continued safety and well being of our guests always comes first, so when you book your Devon holiday cottage at Stonehayes Farm you have the added assurance of the Visit England Good To Go status, which means that our properties will remain subject to strict procedures re Covid-19 and are low risk. We hope that this will help you to feel relaxed and enjoy your holiday.

The Visit England Good To Go Certificate is an industry standard and supporting mark awarded in line with the Professional Association of Self Caterers. It shows that we are working in line with the latest government and public health guidance and that our family friendly holiday cottages have undergone a detailed Covid-19 risk assessment; we have then put any necessary procedures in place to ensure that all properties and the farm itself is as low risk as possible.

Between each set of guests departing and the next arriving the country cottages to rent at Stonehayes Farm are given an extremely thorough clean from top to bottom. In 2020 we introduced certain changes to help minimise risk further; for example, there may be fewer, if any, books, games and DVDs at your holiday cottage.

It’s very important that we have your complete co-operation to ensure the ongoing safety of our self-catering holiday cottages, so we ask that you help us to keep our staff and other guests safe by following the latest Government Guidelines. Before booking your holiday cottage at Stonehayes Farm please make sure you have read the following:

Check In/Check Out Times 

If your check in or check out time needs to be changed for any reason, we will let you know as soon as we can. We will only amend these times if it's absolutely necessary, but it's important that any changes are adhered to.

During Your Stay 

Our Terms & Conditions don't allow you to have visitors whilst you are staying at Stonehayes Farm, and this is more important than ever during the current pandemic. If you've already invited people to visit you during your stay, you must tell them that they cannot come. 

We ask you to be absolutely sure that all members of your party are feeling fit and well and showing no signs of Covid-19 on the day of your arrival at Stonehayes Farm, and during the whole of the preceding week.

If you or anyone in your group develop symptoms of Covid-19 (however mild) during your stay, you must let us know straightaway.

On Your Departure - Check List 

You must bag and remove all of your rubbish from the property, including emptying all kitchen bins, waste paper bins, bathroom bins, etc. Please double check that you've done this and in particular, look out for things like stray tissues under furniture.

You must not leave anything behind, so it's important that you remove all food and any other items you've bought into the property. Again, please double check that you have done this.

We will let you know if we would like the beds to be stripped and the bedding put into bags. 

We ask that you leave windows open wherever it is possible and safe to do so.

General Information

There are some things we have to do in order to minimise risks and to provide as safe an environment as possible. Therefore please note the following:

  • DVDs, games and books may be removed or limited.
  • Soft furnishings may be removed. This does not include bedding and where provided, towels.
  • In order to protect staff there will be no mid-stay cleaning carried out.
  • Engineers and call out staff may not be able to attend the property during occupation, but where possible we will do our best to assist at a safe distance.
  • Note that certain stocks may be limited at our properties. Please therefore come prepared with things like toilet roll, hand soap and cleaning equipment.
  • We recommend that outdoor shoes are removed when you are inside your property.

Booking Conditions and Information 

  • We suggest you bring a first aid kit with you which includes paracetamol and a thermometer.
  • We advise that you ensure your vehicle(s) are filled with fuel in case you need to return home unexpectedly. It is also advised that vehicle insurance cover allows someone other than you to drive in the event that you are unable to do so.
  • We recommend that you bring gloves, cleaning equipment, masks, and sanitiser for your stay.
  • Keep up the frequent hand washing, especially when coming and going from the property. 

Stonehayes Farm are unable to accept any liability for any member of your group becoming ill whilst you are on holiday; Covid has an incubation period of 14 days and could therefore have been contracted prior to your stay.

Thank you so much for your support in helping to keep our holiday cottages safe. We wish you a very happy and relaxing stay.