Ducky’s Beach Café, Beer, Devon

Down on the beach at Beer you’ll find Ducky’s Beach Café, where they put out several tables and bright red sunshades so that you can sit and enjoy a fresh crab sandwich, a cream tea, or a bacon butty whilst all the comings and goings carry on around you. Fishermen bring in their catch, families spuddle in the rockpools or paddle in the water, people hire self drive motor boats and go out to sea to see the sights of Lyme Bay or to try their hand at mackerel fishing. Ducky’s has been run by the same family for years and they’re lovely smiley people who will stop and natter and tell you what you want to know about the village and this part of the Devon coast. The ambience is lovely, with the traditional charm of stripey deckchairs and beach huts, just how summer holidays ought to be.

Open Easter-Oct 8.30am-4.00pm everyday
All information correct at the time of writing

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