Dumpdon Hill, Luppitt, Honiton, Devon

Dumpdon Hill stands high above Stonehayes Farm, an ever gentle presence day and night, and one of the landmarks of the Blackdown Hills in this part of Devon. It used to be an Iron Age Fort so it's highly likely it saw tumultuous times, but go up there now and all you feel is an overwhelming sense of peace, of undisturbedness. The views over the Otter Valley and for miles beyond are staggering, truly staggering; climb to the very top and one of two things will happen. You'll either feel like a giant, like the king of the world looking out over your land, or you'll feel incredibly humble standing there, a very small part of something so vast and infinite.  

Whilst you're there have a stroll around the circular trail and go out to the beech woods; they're a feast for the eyes in spring when the acid green leaves provide a wonderful contrast to the carpet of bluebells beneath the trees. Autumn is another particularly photogenic time, when the leaves are turning and you're ankle deep in them, and they're drifting down on the breeze all around you. Oh and Dumpdon is a gem for summer picnics, or for what we sometimes do - just amble up and sit and watch the sunset on a warm evening. 

It's reassuring to know that Dumpdon Hill is owned by the National Trust so it will be looked after for generations to come. We like that, we like it when history and nature combine to provide something that's this beautiful that anyone can enjoy. There are two very small car parks before the climb to the top of the hill and it goes without saying that you should be considerate of others when you park, so don't take up too much room and don't block anyone in. Most importantly, respect and enjoy the tranquility.

All information correct at the time of writing

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