Littlecombe Shoot, Branscombe, Devon

Not many people go to Littlecombe Shoot because the access isn’t the easiest, but if you’re in fine fettle it shouldn’t be a problem and actually, it’s rather fun. Head up past the church at Branscombe, cross the South West Coast Path and take your time going down over the cliff; the narrow path zigzags and there are ropes to hold onto in some parts, in others it may a bit overgrown and when you meet someone on their way up, well, that can be tricksy! But you’ll manage and the reward is a quiet bay at the bottom that’s secluded and feels rather secret. The beach is a pebbly one, backed with steep cliffs with dense vegetation and here and there, a rustic looking chalet or makeshift hut.

In this case, what goes down must come up but take your time and it’ll be fine; no doubt some will climb back up with all the agility of a mountain goat.

All information correct at the time of writing

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