The Old Bakery, Branscombe, Devon

The Old Bakery is closed until 2022

This will be a trip down memory lane for the older folk; The Old Bakery in Branscombe was the last traditional working bakery in the country when it closed its doors in 1987, marking the end of an era. No doubt it was destined to be turned into a residence, as is what usually happens in these circumstances, but luckily, The National Trust bought it and they’ve preserved it, more or less as it was, though with the addition of a very charming tea shop.

What a place though! Stone built, a thatched roof, and the backdrop of the wooded Devon hills; inside it’s all seats in the windows, bumpy old whitewashed walls and scrubbed pine tables. Before you tuck in to a cream tea or something equally scrumptious, have a look round and you’ll see the original bread oven and the wooden proving trough that was used back in the day. You can see the old bread tins and dishes that were all part of a days work in The Old Bakery, and a fascinating display of photographs and scrapbooks tells you about the bakers and the trade they ran from this peaceful Devon village.

Hunker down inside on a chilly day, but if the sun has got his hat on, don’t hesitate to get out in the garden and find a table to sit at.

Opening times vary throughout the year
T: 01297 680333      All information correct at the time of writing

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