Beer Quarry Caves, Beer, Devon

Go to Beer Quarry caves when you’re on your holiday in Devon and we think you’ll be pretty amazed; what you’ll find is an enormous underground cathedral with huge pillars and vaulted roofs, something to wonder at. This 2,000 year old quarry is where stone was hauled to be transported far and wide and used in the buildings of such splendid edifices as Westminster Abbey, Windsor Castle, St Paul’s Cathedral and closer to home, Exeter Cathedral. You can find out how it was all done, and you can see the tool marks and inscriptions left on the walls by the men who worked here, 200ft underground, for up to 14 hours a day, working solely by candlelight – something that’s hard to imagine.

There’s actually more to Beer Quarry Caves than meets the eye – over the years, or rather, the centuries, these caverns have also been used as a place of worship, as a refuge, and for hiding smuggled contraband brought up from the beach. It still is a refuge in a way, to the colony of Greater Horseshoe bats who hibernate there – you can find out all about them too. 

There’s plenty of parking at the caves but surely one of the best ways to get there is to wander along the footpath from Branscombe. When you go back head to the Mason's Arms for a well deserved bite to eat.

Open from the week before Easter to the end of October with tours starting at 10.30am
Booking advised for bigger groups    No dogs
T: 01297 680282     All information correct at the time of writing.

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