Culmhead, Taunton, Somerset

Not many people have heard of Culmhead, but that’s probably a good thing because really, it means that the people who live here can enjoy a peaceful life in the Blackdown Hills without the clamour of 21st century life. If Culmhead is famous for anything, it’s the Royal Air Force Station that was here until 1946, occupied by Polish, Czech and Naval Air squadrons. After that it was a GCHQ research station and now it’s a small industrial estate. Interestingly, the control towers still stand and although they aren’t used for anything, they are Scheduled Ancient Monuments, thus preserving part of Somerset’s more modern history.

What people come to Culmhead for these days is to go to the excellent pub that’s here, The Holman Clavel. If you really want to know what a proper country pub is like, you should try this place, definitely. It’s been here for over 500 years and honestly, once you get inside and get comfortable in one if the old chairs or settles with a nice pint of the local ale in front of you, you’ll be happy to stay for hours. It’s so very relaxed and friendly, and totally unpretentious, which is great. The food is good too, and it’s family friendly and dog friendly, so a good one for after a walk around Otterhead Lakes.

All information correct at the time of writing

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