The Cobb, Lyme Regis, Dorset

The historic harbour in Lyme Regis is known as The Cobb and though in its present form it dates back to the earlier part of the 19th century, there is evidence that a similar construction has been there for over 500 years. Walking along the main part of The Cobb is a must when you visit Lyme Regis, but if the wind is high and the waves roaring up over the wall, it's not such a good idea.

Go right out the end to the rocks, or tentatively make your way down the stone steps known as Granny's Teeth, built into the wall. At the end of The Cobb is Victoria Pier, with amazing views back over the town and out to Charmouth, Golden Cap, and on to Chesil Beach. The old buildings on the pier are used by fishermen and one houses Lyme Regis Marine Aquarium where you can discover the natural wonders of Lyme Bay. Then what you should do is take a boat cruise on the waters, or see if you can hook your tea on a mackerel fishing trip. If you fancy something more exhilarating, try a rib ride.

All information correct at the time of writing

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