Bishopswood Meadows, Bishopswood, Chard, Somerset

Walks in the Blackdown Hills are always a joy and there are so many good places for a stroll, among them Bishopswood Meadows, a small local nature reserve on the edge of the quiet village of Bishopswood. Once the site of a quarry bordering the River Yarty, the reserve is a mix of limestone rich fields and marshy meadows, all good for flora and fauna; come in the spring or early summer and you’ll see cowslips and early purple orchids on the old spoil heaps and marsh marigolds and ragged robin in the damper parts.

Look out for butterflies – Common Blue, Marbled White and Ringlet have been spotted here and the river attracts diverse species like dippers, kingfishers, several types of dragonfly and though very elusive, even otters. The tranquility is notable, whatever time of year you take an amble through the meadows; that and the backdrop of rolling hills and small spinneys makes you feel at peace with the world. It’s a wonderful place to be, to take your time, maybe find some grassy mound to sit upon and reflect on the peace and beauty, or to take a moment of mindfulness.

Afterwards, wander down the hill to the village pub, The Candlelight Inn where the food and the beer are both excellent.

All information correct at the time of writing

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