Culmstock, Cullompton, Devon

Culmstock is a peaceful village out in Devon’s Blackdown Hills, with the backdrop of the beautiful landscape of the Culm Valley; Cullompton and Wellington are both about 6 miles away, Tiverton is 10.

Culmstock, like many of these riverside villages was a thriving place in the heyday of the woollen trade; these days it’s a quieter place that people come to for a good pub lunch or dinner at The Culm Valley Inn, or to sit outside The Strand Stores and sip coffee in the sunshine. Both are good to bear in mind if you come here for a walk up to Culm Beacon; it’s quite a hike up over the hill or up through the woods, depending which way you go, but the far reaching vista from the top makes it well worth it.

Come in May and you might just see something strange going on – the re-enactment of a local legend that tells of a local cider maker fighting the devil on the stone bridge and throwing him into the river. Make of it what you will, it’s all part of the charm of these Devon villages, stuff like that.

All information correct at the time of writing

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