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Winter Breaks in the UK

If you missed out on the summer rush and are still in need of a holiday this year, come to Stonehayes Farm for peaceful and relaxing winter breaks in the UK. Things went crazy when the holiday sector was allowed to open up again and holiday cottages throughout the country were fully booked in no time for the summer holidays and into autumn. We can’t believe how busy we are but we don’t mind one bit because it’ so exciting to see guests enjoying their stay at our gorgeous Devon holiday cottages.

Here we are on this wet and windy day in August, looking out over the Otter Valley and thinking that it’s looking like summer is on its way out now, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to look forward to because we have availability for winter breaks in the UK at our country cottages to rent in Devon. Stonehayes Farm is such a cracking spot too, we feel blessed and every day we realise how lucky we are to be tucked away in a tiny corner of the world where the pace of life slows down. This is somewhere to come for rest and relaxation, somewhere to hide away from the madness of the world; in fact we like to think of it as a world of our own where we’re fortunate enough to enjoy beautiful scenery and tranquility all through the year.

You can have a piece of it too; a gurt big slice of country living with wide open fields, rolling hills and vast skies. We’re not exaggerating when we say the birds never stop singing at Stonehayes Farm; everyday we hear them chirruping in the hedgerows, and see them flitting from tree to tree. We watch rabbits contentedly munching on the grass in the fields, foxes slinking across the open land, and sometimes we’re lucky enough to see deer come out to feed. It’s a lovely place to be and our dog friendly holiday cottages are the perfect places to stay to soak up the peaceful vibes.


Winter Breaks in the UK fulfill all kinds of needs; if you like nothing better than to lace up your boots and get out exploring deep in the countryside, well hey, you’re going to love it here. We’ve got 15 glorious acres for you to wander and there are footpaths and bridleways that will take you on deep into the timeless beauty of the Blackdown Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. We tend not to worry if it’s overcast or even if it’s stormy because we say there’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing. Wrap up warm, put on your waterproofs and get out there with the elements because what you’ve got to look forward to is coming back, and nothing beats coming back to a roaring log fire and snuggling up by lamplight with your thick woolly socks on, cosy knitted jumpers, and a tray laden with hot buttery crumpets and mugs of steaming hot chocolate. Imagine it.

Every one of the family friendly holiday cottages here at Stonehayes Farm has a very special homely and welcoming feel. They sleep 4-14 people and you can book as many of them as you like, subject to availability, so round up the troops, bring them all down for winter breaks in the UK. We’re also lucky that there’s a lot to see and do round these parts; fair enough, a lot of the family attractions and historic houses might be closed in the winter months but there’s plenty more about. The Devon and Dorset coast isn’t far and we all know how wonderfully invigorating it is to stroll along the shore on winter days, the sea roaring and crashing, the gulls crying, filling the skies. If it’s one of those wonderful days of winter sunshine the ambience and the light is incredible; stretch your legs and then head to the comfort of a friendly pub for a pint of the local brew and home cooked fish and chips.

It’s possible that some of the attractions listed on our Things To Do pages might be open, but in light of the current situation it’s wise to check before you plan anything. In any case, we think winter breaks in the UK are the perfect opportunity to make your own entertainment and our holiday cottages in the South West are ripe for this. We’ve got a shared games room where you can play pool, table football and table tennis, but if you’ve got children with you, take them out round the fields to see what you can find to take back and make pictures or mobiles with; you only have to be organised enough to pack paper and crayons and glue and you’ll have hours of fun. Bring your favourite films to watch together, bring board games and jigsaw puzzles, a pile of books even, or have a bit of old fashioned fun playing I-Spy or Hangman and doing long words – you know that thing when you all have a long word and make as many smaller words from it as you can? It’s all good exercise for the brain!

You could go to one of the local farm shops and fill your basket with goodies to tuck into, or pick up all the ingredients to create a gastronomic delight; bake cakes, make bread, a hearty soup or a casserole. Just the thought of those tantalising aromas is making us feel hungry! There is so much you can do if you let your imagination loose, but you know what? You don’t have to do anything at all if you don’t want to because sometimes that’s what a winter break is all about, just getting away, right out in the sticks, and doing absolutely nothing at all. We quite like that, being busy doing nothing (if only we had the time!) because that’s when you start looking around and noticing things more, it’s a chance to practice a spot of mindfulness, good for the soul.

You see, winter breaks in the UK don’t have to be so full on as summer holidays, there isn’t quite the same pressure to be out doing things, seeing this and seeing that. It really is a chance to put your feet up, to unwind, regroup and just spend time enjoying being together. Cosy winter days, dark and peaceful nights, the moon shining high in the sky outside and somewhere in the distance an owl hooting goodnight. Bliss. Come on down, book your winter breaks in the UK today!