Axminster, Devon

Axminster is a small and quiet town in East Devon, it’s claim to fame being the prestigious carpets that have been made here since the middle of the 18th century and the fact that it’s home to River Cottage – there’s River Cottage Kitchen in the middle of town, and just a few miles away is the HQ and farm.

There are two supermarkets in Axminster, so that’s all well and good if you need a few provisions, but whilst you’re here you should have a stroll around. You’ll find several independently run shops, some of which have set up home in the former Trinity House department store – it’s great, there’s a real community feel about it all and it’s where you’ll find The Community Waffle House Café. If it’s Thursday morning there will be a happy buzz about the town because that’s when the market is on in the square by the church; go fill your basket with fruit and veg, local cheeses, bread, meat and pastries.

It’s always good to find out a bit about the places you visit and there’s a plethora of fascinating information at Axminster Heritage Centre, not just about carpets, but also focussing on the other aspects of trade and life that have shaped the town. Hungry? Well, there’s River Cottage Kitchen of course, or you could go to The George Hotel right in the middle of town, or to Ray's Mediterranean Restaurant.

Just down the road is the Axe Valley Wildlife Park and only a few miles further, the beaches of the beautiful Jurassic Coast. Make a day of it.

All information correct at the time of writing

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