Hot Tub Breaks In Devon

Well here’s some exciting news we’ve been waiting to share with you, and if you like the idea of hot tub breaks in Devon, you’re going to love this! From late July, two of our pet friendly Devon holiday cottages at Stonehayes Farm will have private hot tubs!

Hot tub at Stonehayes Farm

From late July Siskins Nook and Dippers Rest will each have a private hot tub in the garden, which is great news if you’re one of the many guests we have returning to Stonehayes Farm every year, and brilliant if you haven’t been and hot tub breaks in Devon appeal to you.

Sheltered garden at Stonehayes

Hot tubs are a great way to unwind and they are a big bonus to any holiday cottage. You can slip into the warm water and sit back and relax big time, fresh air, peace and quiet, bird song. Get out there on a warm summers day and watch cotton wool clouds drift by in a sky the colour of cornflowers; at night unwind beneath a sky full of stars, pick out the constellations, bathe in the light of the moon.

Candle lit champagne & bubbles

Hot tubs bring something else to family holidays as you can all get in together – the kids love it! And of course, they’re wonderful for romantic breaks, just the two of you taking your ease, not a care in the world… If you’re down here in the Devon for a walking holiday, well, what a fantastic way to ease your aching muscles after a good hike in the hills; no need to bother running a bath, just climb in and let the water do its thing.

Relaxing evening in the hot tub

There are so many reasons why hot tub breaks in Devon are such a good idea and we know that this is something that will really compliment our holiday cottages, giving our guests an even better experience at Stonehayes Farm. If you’ve never been in a hot tub, here’s a great initiation to it; all you hot tub fans out there, go find your trunks and swimsuits – come and enjoy!

Siskins Nook               Dippers Rest