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Holiday Cottages in Devon 2020

We hope that you've been enjoying our Lockdown Lookabout whilst we had to close our holiday cottages in Devon for 2020 - thank you for joining us! Hopefully, you can join us for real now because in line with the latest government guidelines, Stonehayes Farm will be open to guests again from 4th July. If like a lot of people you’re feeling the need for a holiday, or if you had to cancel your plans to go away and are now looking for a great place to stay in the UK, have a look, see if there are any dates that suit you, and if you have any queries just give us a call.

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Family Friendly Holiday Cottages In Devon

This week we’re continuing our lockdown lookabout from our family friendly holiday cottages in Devon, only this time we’re not going anywhere. We’re staying right here at Stonehayes Farm, because sometimes it’s good to appreciate what’s on your doorstep and with 15 acres of unspoilt countryside we’ve got a lot to be grateful for. This time of year it’s absolutely beautiful – even more so with the glorious weather we’re having, plenty of daylight hours, blue skies, blazing hot sunshine. Come and see….

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The Donkey Sanctuary, Sidmouth: Holiday Cottages in Devon

Welcome to the latest blog for Stonehayes Farm, where our family friendly holiday cottages in Devon remain closed to guests under government guidelines. In the meantime, we’re going to carry on with our Lockdown Lookabout, where we can tell you about some of the wonderful things to see and do near here. This time the focus is on one of our favourite places and one of the biggest family attractions in this neck of the woods – the Donkey Sanctuary, Sidmouth.

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10 Best Beaches On The Devon Coast

Things are pretty quiet here at Stonehayes Farm with the world in lockdown, but we thought we’d use this time to tell you about our 10 best beaches on the Devon coast, all within easy reach of our family friendly holiday cottages. Something for less troubled times, when we’re all allowed out again and we can look forward to welcoming guests for their holidays in Devon.

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10 Top Family Attractions In Devon

We’re thinking ahead here, looking at 10 Top Family Attractions In Devon. With the country in lockdown these are uncertain times for all of us but we can all hope that one day in the not too distant future life will return to normal. We’ll still be here for you and we look forward to much happier days when we can welcome you to Stonehayes Farm for well deserved holidays in Devon.

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Dog Friendly Holidays in Devon

If you’ve been trailing the net trying to find the perfect place to stay where your mutt is welcome too, STOP RIGHT NOW! We can make it easy for you because at Stonehayes Farm we know how to do dog friendly holidays in Devon big time! We’re used to it you see, guests often bring the pet pooch when they stay at our holiday cottages in Devon and from what we see those little tail waggers love it here just as much as their human friends do!

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Holiday Cottages In Devon For February Half Term

With the festive season well and truly behind us and spring on its way soon, we’re getting a lot of interest in our holiday cottages in Devon for February half term. It’s a great time of year to escape to the beautiful East Devon countryside with your family, something to cheer you up in the thick of winter when it’s chilly and those bright sunny days are few and far between.

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Happy New Year From Stonehayes Farm – Devon Holiday Cottages

With Christmas now behind us and 2020 well underway we just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year from Stonehayes Farm. This is one of our busiest times for taking bookings and we are so excited about welcoming guests old and new to our gorgeous Devon holiday cottages, whatever time of year you want to come and enjoy a slice of country life amongst the peace and tranquility of the beautiful East Devon countryside.

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Pre Christmas Weekend Breaks in Devon

Well, here we are, the end of November already! Isn’t the year marching on? And you-know-what is just around the corner! Well, before it starts to get bonkers busy with all the lists of who’s coming and the shopping and the presents and the tree and all that, treat yourselves to a moment of calm; check into Stonehayes Farm for pre Christmas weekend breaks in Devon.

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